• Fundamentals for Fun at Fifty-Five

    1. Dare to try new things

    2. Say yes to opportunities

    3. Relax, smile, dance away your worries

    4. If not now, when?

    5. Just do it (you can analyze later)

  • Discounts for Fifty-Five +

    Golden Griddle Restaurant - 10% discount (excluding alcohol)
    Shoppers Drug Mart - 20% discount on Thursdays
    Zellers - 20% discount first Monday of month
    Thrifty Rental - 5% off time and mileage
    Best Western - 10% off room rates
    Sandman Hotels - 25% off room rates
    Howard Johnson Hotels - 10% off room rates

  • Fifty-Five is …

    fabulous, fanciful, fancy-free, fantastic, far-out, fashionable, fearless, feisty, fiery, fine, flamboyant, flashy, flattering, flirtatious, folksy, forthright, fortunate, foxy, frank, free, fresh, friendly, frivolous, fulsome, fun, funky, funny
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Fab Fifty-Five

On November 2, 2011, I celebrated a significant birthday. Okay, it’s true, I believe all birthdays are important, but that one marked a mid-point in a decade. I turned fifty-five. I think that made me officially middle-aged.

I remember my parents being in their fifties and they seemed … old! Now that I’m at this age, I realize that age is just a number. What really matters is how you feel and how you see yourself. On the inside, most days, I feel about seventeen. Mind you, my body no longer looks or feels that young! However, what I may have lost in flexibility and energy, I’ve gained in wisdom and experience and that seems like a fair tradeoff to me.

For this birthday, I decided to do something different. I wanted the celebration to last all year long. And I wanted to dispel myths about ageing by having some adventures that would surprise (and maybe even impress) my kids!

So my goal for the year was to come up with fifty-five things I’d like to do and then share my experiences in this blog. As I crossed items off my Fab Fun List, I gave updates under “Musings” and added to my “Photos” page as proof that I’d “been there, done that”!

P.S. Although I’m no longer posting to this blog on a regular basis, the archives are there for you to enjoy! May you be inspired to live each day fully and … fabulously 🙂

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  1. Arlene

     /  November 3, 2011


  2. I love your idea, Julie! 🙂
    Do you accept others to post on your blog as well? I’ll be fifty in a week, and like you… I think it’s a beautiful age to start on new adventures!

  3. I love this!!!! And what a great photo at the top. You are looking those double digit 5’s right in the eye and saying “I am open to all the great things to come”. Just awesome!

    • That’s right, Tiffany! I’m embracing 55, and all the opportunities that this year (and life itself) holds. I’m hoping the idea behind the blog, plus the posts will inspire others to look at age in a different way 🙂

  4. Bill Clarke

     /  November 4, 2011

    Happy Birthday Julie!
    This is a great idea. I have just joined a group called the “Owls” since we want to explore the definition of an Elder in this society at this time in our evolution. It became apparent that none of us really know what this means in comparision to historical times, and expecially as it was defined by most First Nations. Now the question is how can each of us learn the role of an Elder as it applies to us, with the intention that eventually the Elders of the future will be integral components of their respective communities.
    Being the person I am, computers are not my favourtie means of commmunication, but I look forward to opportunities to explore how getting older can continue to be so much more meaningful.
    Bill Clarke

    • Wonderful perspective, Bill! I agree that we all have a role as an Elder – although many of us don’t have a clue of what that entails. I’d love to hear more about what you’re learning in this regard, so keep me posted!

  5. Hi Julie,

    What a fabulous idea! and Happy Birthday! It’s such a Western concept to idolize youth and be sad about aging; older cultures revere their elders – and rightly so!

    I’ll be 35 soon, which is a big number to me, however, I know that 55 can’t be all that far away, as just yesterday I was 17!

    I also started a fun blog last week at helpellen.com where you can read my musings and support me by clicking to amazon from my blog.

    Looking forward to your adventures!


  6. This is great Julie! What a niche you have created here! Go get em!!

  7. woohoo! i just learned you like to flamenco dance. loving the joy here!

  8. LOVE it Julie! Well done.

  9. Heather

     /  November 9, 2011

    How fun Julie! Look forward to reading about your adventures. Great photo!

  10. Mari

     /  November 28, 2011

    Love it, Julie!!! A wonderful celebration of all of us fifty-somethings!!! Fun and funky!! And that flamenco photo of you is fabulous!!!! So much to look forward to! Thanks!

    • Thanks for your comments, Mari! It is fabulous to be fifty-something, isn’t it? Or at least it can be 😉 Thanks for sharing your enthusiasm!!

  11. Rosie

     /  December 6, 2011

    Hey Julie, you are such an adventurous person and a great inspiration to me! Can’t wait to read more.

  12. Julie, you are truly an inspiration! Love your style and your messages, celebrating life with joy and ease! Happy 55th year! Your kids must be so proud to have you as their mom! Happy 2012!

  13. I love your enthusiasm here. Just signed up to follow you here as you enjoy your journey. So glad to connect.

  14. What a fabulous thing to do! I’ll be following your adventures because I, too, am one who believes that age does not lessen our enthusiasm for fun. 🙂

  15. Wonderful idea!

  16. What a cool (and inspirational) idea!

  17. We all age, but that doesn’t mean we need to grow up! Besides, age is merely a statistic, don’t you think so?


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