• Fundamentals for Fun at Fifty-Five

    1. Dare to try new things

    2. Say yes to opportunities

    3. Relax, smile, dance away your worries

    4. If not now, when?

    5. Just do it (you can analyze later)

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The World Behind The Curtain

#44 – Walk behind a waterfall

I’ve wanted to do this since I was a kid. I’d seen shows on television where people would get behind the curtain of water tumbling down from the rocks above. It seemed like an amazing vantage point, to be almost invisible, looking out at the rest of the world, almost like being in a secret cave accessible only to a select few.

How cool would that be?

I had a bit of the experience once a few years ago when I visited an indoor tropical garden with birds flying around in their “natural” habitat. There were ponds and waterfalls all around, and in one spot, the pathway took you “behind” the waterfall. It was really more like walking through a safe, dry tunnel and seeing the water through a protective glass. Not quite what I had in mind.

In Costa Rica, however, I had the opportunity to do what I’d always dreamed of.

The guidebook mentioned a beautiful waterfall off the beaten trail. We followed the directions down dusty (and rocky) roads, and then climbed down a steep cliff to discover a beautiful oasis. A fine sandy beach opened up to a large pond at the base of a gorgeous waterfall. The water in the pond was shallow and people were swimming right at the base of the falls. Some youngsters climbed up on the rocks and disappeared behind the sparkling curtain of water.

Llanos de Cortes waterfall

It looked so easy. I simply had to do it.

We waded out into the warm water. It was a hot sunny day and it felt good to get wet. The bottom of the pond was soft and sandy. It began to get deeper about three-quarters of the way to the base of the falls. As we got closer to the falling water, suddenly there was a strong current pushing against us and I began to swim.

When I got close to the falls, I could barely see where I was going. The water hit the surface of the pond with such force that the spray formed a thick mist. Thankfully, my partner was there to pull me through the curtain of water itself. I hadn’t realized that my head and face would become thoroughly drenched and I wouldn’t be able to see anything in the moment of crossing over.

I flailed with my hands, reaching for something solid. Grasping the slippery moss-covered boulders, I pulled myself to safety behind the falling water and gradually clambered upward, staggering across the angled edges of sharp rocks. My partner followed.

Behind the falls, there was a deep cavern, dripping in green moss and algae. I turned and faced outward.

The water thundered down in front of us, a sparkling curtain of ever-shifting rainbows. It was like looking through beveled glass at an alternate universe. It seemed as though we had stepped out of time.

Behind the falls ... look closely

Fifty-five? Heck, in that moment, I was a kid again!

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  1. Wow, that must have been magical! This is something I’d like to do, too. I imagine there’ll be ‘rainbows’ all around. Someday soon, I hope. 🙂
    Thank you for this post and please keep inspiring the rest of us to go for it.

  2. Comments like yours inspire me to keep going! Let me know when you find your “rainbow moment”!


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