• Fundamentals for Fun at Fifty-Five

    1. Dare to try new things

    2. Say yes to opportunities

    3. Relax, smile, dance away your worries

    4. If not now, when?

    5. Just do it (you can analyze later)

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Taking The Plunge

I have a tendency to analyze things to death. Have you heard the expression “analysis paralysis”? When I’m faced with something new, my mind kicks into high gear, listing all the pros and cons, weighing possibilities and risks, spinning me round and round until I’m incapable of making any decision.

To counter this, one of my Fundamentals for Fun is … Just do it (you can analyze later).

With this in mind, and with the enthusiastic help of my son, I put this into practice A LOT over the last week. As a result, I had a few adventures and, although not all of them had a happy ending, at least I wasn’t stuck in a rut.

One day we anchored the boat in deep water and went swimming. I know, that doesn’t sound like a big adventure to you perhaps, but I don’t like swimming where I can’t see and touch the bottom. Plus there were sizeable waves, and that meant the boat kept moving around, at times seeming like it was drifting away (it wasn’t). And the ladder was bouncing so much that it was hard to hold on. All of this pushed my panic buttons.

Then my son got into the act (he knows me too well). “You really need to try jumping off the boat, Mom.”


“It’ll give you a sense of control over your fears.” Hmmm, who’s the life coach here?

So I jumped. Off a low rung of the ladder. I know, not super brave, but it was a start. And I thought it would satisfy him.


“Now try a bit higher,” he suggested.

So I got back on the ladder but I couldn’t remember which rung I’d been on. I made the mistake of asking him.

“No, not that one, the one above it.” (he was laughing as he treaded water, so I should have known … I was now two rungs higher than I had been before).

This time, I let myself fall backward into the water. It was a huge act of trust, and the result? I felt exhilarated! Not enough to jump off the boat itself, but a big surge of courage and freedom washed through me.

Next time he wants me to jump off the front of the boat. I’m thinking about it …

My son imitating me!

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  1. Over analyzing is a big problem that I have as well, lol.
    – Joseph Ramos

    • Awareness is the first step, right? For me, the hardest part is setting the analysis aside and just going for it.


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