• Fundamentals for Fun at Fifty-Five

    1. Dare to try new things

    2. Say yes to opportunities

    3. Relax, smile, dance away your worries

    4. If not now, when?

    5. Just do it (you can analyze later)

  • Discounts for Fifty-Five +

    Golden Griddle Restaurant - 10% discount (excluding alcohol)
    Shoppers Drug Mart - 20% discount on Thursdays
    Zellers - 20% discount first Monday of month
    Thrifty Rental - 5% off time and mileage
    Best Western - 10% off room rates
    Sandman Hotels - 25% off room rates
    Howard Johnson Hotels - 10% off room rates

  • Fifty-Five is …

    fabulous, fanciful, fancy-free, fantastic, far-out, fashionable, fearless, feisty, fiery, fine, flamboyant, flashy, flattering, flirtatious, folksy, forthright, fortunate, foxy, frank, free, fresh, friendly, frivolous, fulsome, fun, funky, funny
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In Praise of A Good (Long) Book!

#55 – Re-read a favorite book from my youth

When I added this item to my list, I thought I knew which book I’d read. I have a lot of favorites, but the one that tops the list is Anne of Green Gables. I have the whole series and re-read it each summer. I’m always as enthralled with the characters and the writing as I was when I first read it at about age 8.

It’s good, however, to keep an open mind with these lists! To my surprise, the book that leaped into my hands was something quite different.

I was in an airport a few weeks ago, wandering through the bookstores and shops, putting in time while waiting for my flight. As I browsed the shelves of books, not looking for anything in particular, one title caught my attention. I knew instantly that this was the book that I’d been searching for.

When I read it the first time as a teenager, I was mesmerized by the story. Every free moment was spent deep in that book, often until the wee hours of the morning. It’s a long one (the paperback is over a thousand pages) with small print. I think I re-read it several times back then, but hadn’t even thought about it again until I found it in the airport bookstore.

I love a book that you can sink into for days at a stretch (weeks even), one where the characters become real people and the world in which they live becomes yours. I consider it the perfect book when I can read it again years later and still feel the sense of excitement, anticipation and intensity that I felt the first time I picked it up.

The only difference now is that my eyesight isn’t what it used to be. The small print takes a little getting used to.

The book?

Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand.

It’s the 50th anniversary edition. Hard to believe.

If you were to pick a favorite book from your youth to re-read, what would it be?

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