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Something Bold, Something New

Last week I had the opportunity to do something I’d never even dreamed of doing. Because it wasn’t on my radar, it also doesn’t appear on my Fab Fun List. However, it was bold, daring and definitely fun, so I decided it deserved to be shared.

A friend of mine got married on the weekend. Her family is Hindu, so she invited her friends and colleagues to a mehndi party. In the Hindu tradition, the bride has intricate designs in henna applied to her hands, arms, feet and lower legs. The designs are applied using a tubular cone of henna which the artist gently squeezes as she creates the patterns on the skin.

When the henna is first applied, it is black. After about 20 minutes, the paste dries and starts to crack, so you apply a mixture of lemon juice and sugar over top to moisten the design and darken the stain.

Freshly applied

I had mine applied to the top of my left hand which meant that I still had one hand free for eating the delicious food that her mother and aunts had prepared for the occasion. My friend, however, could not use either of her hands (she had designs on the palms of each hand as well as the tops), so her fiance had to feed her (we teased him a lot!)

I scraped the black surface coating off at bedtime. The underlying design was light brown at that point. Over the next two days it darkened considerably (I began to wonder if it would ever come off!)

The next day …

A week later, it’s fading a bit more each day.

I had mixed reactions to it. One person wondered what I’d done to my hand, and when I explained, she looked at me perplexed. Why would I ever want to do that????

I did get a few compliments as well. Oh, and I made a point of sending the photos to my kids, letting them know that this was the closest I’ll ever get to having a tattoo 🙂

What do you think? Fun and fab, or foolish?

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