• Fundamentals for Fun at Fifty-Five

    1. Dare to try new things

    2. Say yes to opportunities

    3. Relax, smile, dance away your worries

    4. If not now, when?

    5. Just do it (you can analyze later)

  • Discounts for Fifty-Five +

    Golden Griddle Restaurant - 10% discount (excluding alcohol)
    Shoppers Drug Mart - 20% discount on Thursdays
    Zellers - 20% discount first Monday of month
    Thrifty Rental - 5% off time and mileage
    Best Western - 10% off room rates
    Sandman Hotels - 25% off room rates
    Howard Johnson Hotels - 10% off room rates

  • Fifty-Five is …

    fabulous, fanciful, fancy-free, fantastic, far-out, fashionable, fearless, feisty, fiery, fine, flamboyant, flashy, flattering, flirtatious, folksy, forthright, fortunate, foxy, frank, free, fresh, friendly, frivolous, fulsome, fun, funky, funny
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Happy Birthday to Me!

This is my birthday weekend, and I’m turning 56. What makes it particularly special (at least to me) is that I was born in 1956. So I like the synchronicity of the numbers. There’s got to be some magic in that somewhere. 🙂

It also marks a whole year since I began this blog, and my journey of adventure. The goal was to find 55 fun and fabulous things to try, and I think I succeeded. Even though I haven’t managed to complete all fifty-five.

I plan to do a few more this weekend, so I’m hoping to bring the total to forty. That’s almost 75%. I think that’s fabulous!

Some of the items I couldn’t do were out of my hands. For example, I wanted to go to Rocktoberfest and help build a dry stone wall. But it was held in Quebec this year – too far for me to travel. There wasn’t enough snow for skate skiing lessons this past winter, but I will be signing up again (fingers crossed for a better forecast). And I missed the deadline for speed skating lessons, so I might try to get in on that in January.

This weekend is a bit of a surprise. I’m writing this in advance because my partner is taking me away somewhere. All I know is that I’m busy from November 1 to 6. Intriguing! It’s a wonderful way to celebrate the end of one spectacular year, and the beginning of the next one.

All in all, 55 was one of the best years yet. I’m excited and curious to see what 56 holds in store!

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    a writer, author (Dream BIGGER: Reclaiming a Life of Joy and Ease), life/relationship coach and an intuitive healer by day. By night, she dances flamenco, thrives on chocolate and good red wine (shiraz will do!) She secretly plots to change the world, one dream at a time.
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